6:00 - 7:30 PM
Sensi Connects Pennsylvania Virtual B2B Speed Networking Mixer
*** Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 6 - 7:30 p.m. EST***

There's no denying the fact that the cannabis industry is an industry built on relationships. In order to build a strong relationship with someone, consistency in conversations is key. As you build a relationship, you build trust and as you build trust as a business professional, you start referring business to those you trust. It's pretty simple and more importantly, it's effective. That's what we do at Sensi Connects...we build community with connections. Each week, we provide opportunities for you to continue building your network and help keep our industry connected and accessible to the resources business owners really need right now.

Mark Your Calendar:

Join us for our Weekly Virtual B2B Speed Networking Mixer hosted by Sensi Connects. After you register for the event, you will be sent an email confirmation with a link to our virtual event. Or you can download our app and access the event through that. Once registered, you will be granted access via Zoom, allowing you the opportunity to engage with others who attend our virtual networking event. After our online event, Sensi Connects Members and Attendees have the ability to connect with each other using the Sensi Connects app.

Who is it for?

Our Virtual Networking Mixers are a great way for cannabis entrepreneurs and business professionals to connect with product and service providers in the hemp industry, cannabis industry and supply chains. Our network is vast and whatever you're looking for, we can probably help you find it. It's also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn more about market challenges and opportunities the cannabis industry is currently facing.

So, what does a Virtual Speed Networking Mixer look like?

We begin our event by briefly introducing ourselves and our intention for the event, which is to help connect our members and attendees with their prospects and strategic partners. Of course, we also give a little love to our advertisers. Our entire event is focused on providing several 5-minute one-on-one speed networking sessions, giving you the opportunity to build relationships with others who work in the industry. After the event is over, members and attendees are able to connect with each other using the Sensi Connects app.

Can You Invite Friends?

Absolutely! Share the RSVP link with them. Invite any supportive and purpose-driven friends who want to grow their business (we're sure they'll thank you for it!).

Are there any sponsorship opportunities available?

Absolutely! Email us at gina.vensel@sensimag.com and we'll get you some information!

*** Please note that registering for this event will also add you to the Sensi Connects email list, so you can be the first to know about future upcoming networking events, educational opportunities and more.***